1. KING SHARK, New Generation Of Squalene From The Deep-Sea Shark Oil! The Pride Of Our Emperor IX's Professional R & D Team.
  2. New Generation Of Squalene From The Deep-Sea Shark Oil, Is Your Best Companion For A Healthy Life.
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Shark Fin King Shark
Efficacy Of Shark Fin
The Main Component Of Shark Fins Is Collagen, Which Is A Protein. This Protein Is Not Directly Absorbed By Our Body, But In The Gastrointestinal Digestion Into The Amino Acids The Body Needs, And Then Absorbed By Our Body. Its Main Effects Are:
  1. Relieving Pressure And Reducing Lipid: Shark Fin Contains Anti-Lipid, Anti-Arteriosclerosis And Anti-Coagulation Components, Which Can Prevent And Cure Cardiovascular System Diseases.
  2. Nourishing Yin And Impotence, Appetizing And Digestion: In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shark's Fin Is Sweet And Salty In Taste And Flat In Nature; It Has The Effect Of Replenishing Qi, Appetizing And Tonifying Deficiency, And Can Seep Water, Appetizing And Eating, Clearing Phlegm And Eliminating Excess Product, Supplementing Five Viscera, Long Waist Strength, And Benefiting Deficiency Phlegm.
  3. Strengthening Body And Bones: Shark Cartilage Contained In The "Shark Chondroitin" Has The Prevention Of Skeletal Aging, Cartilage Wear, Bone Spurs, Prevention And Treatment Of Rheumatism And Other Joint Diseases Medicinal Effect.
  4. Skin Care: Shark Fin Contains A Wealth Of Collagen, Which Is Conducive To Nourishing, Tender Skin And Mucous Membranes, Is A Good Beauty Food.
  5. Improve Immunity: Lack Of Blood, Malnutrition, Physical Weakness Of People, A Variety Of Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Immune Disease Patients Appropriate To Eat.
  6. Lowering Cholesterol: The Shark Fin Contains Very Rich Unsaturated Fatty Acid W-3 Series, Which Is An Important Substance To Reduce Sudden Cardiovascular And Cerebrovascular Diseases. The Content Of Cholesterol In Shark Fin Is Lower Than All Animal Food, Therefore, Regular Consumption Of Shark Fin Can Effectively Lower Cholesterol.
  7. Prevent Cancer And Postpone Aging: Shark Fins Are Very Rich In Unsaturated Fatty Acids, Which Can Not Only Effectively Lower Cholesterol, But Also A Good Food For Hyperlipidemia Population. In Addition, Shark Fins Are Also Rich In Selenium And Magnesium And Other Trace Elements, For The Prevention Of Coronary Atherosclerosis And Other Cardiovascular And Cerebrovascular Diseases Have A Role, And, Can Effectively Delay The Body Aging, Prevent The Occurrence Of Cancer.
The Cooking Method Of Shark Fin
  1. Soak The Fins For About 5 Hours And Dry Them For Later Use.
  2. Choose Pig Bone Or Chicken Skeleton, Soup 1-2 Hours Into Mushrooms.Crab Willows As Freshening.
  3. Add Soy Sauce, Chicken Essence, Edible Salt, And Soy Sauce, As Appropriate
  4. Finally, Thicken With Raw Powder, And Then Put The Finned Fish Into The Soup And Cook For 5-7 Minutes.
  5. Finally Can Add Coriander, Pepper According To Individual Taste.